The Present

Part 2, ‘the Present’, shows us how to grow Azolla and the numerous ways in which it can provide local renewable food and energy globally, as well as its variety of other uses.  This part of the book then describes how all of these processes, which form the ‘Azolla Biosystem’, are housed in Azolla Hubs that can be tailored precisely to local needs.

‘The Present’ is separated into twelve chapters and we have included samples from each for you to read. Many of the chapters begin with a short story that is designed to transport you back to another time and place, so that you can visualize the events as they occurred.

Here is a list of the chapters:

Chapter 11: The Perfect Storm

Chapter 12: Can Azolla help us weather the Perfect Storm?

Chapter 13: How to grow Azolla

Chapter 14: Azolla as a Biofertilizer

Chapter 15: Azolla as a Livestock Feed

Chapter 16: Azolla as a Food for people

Chapter 17: Azolla as a Biofuel

Chapter 18: Azolla’s other uses

Chapter 19: Carbon Capture and Storage

Chapter 20: The Azolla Biosystem

Chapter 21: The Azolla Hub

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