The Future

Part 3, ‘the Future’, shows us how Azolla can help us build a 21st Century global society of communities that have independent resources: a network of individuals connected by the internet – moving us away from the outdated 20th Century structure of long-distance transportation of oil, gas, food and chemical fertilizers.

‘The Future’ is separated into ten chapters and we have included samples from each for you to read. Many of the chapters begin with a short story that is designed to transport you back to another time and place, so that you can visualize the events as they occurred.

Chapter 22: Change

Chapter 23: Helping to feed the world / Urban Agriculture / Africa

Chapter 24: Social Benefits / Building Communities

Chapter 25: The Ugly Face of Coal

Chapter 26: Saving the Rainforests

Chapter 27: Can Azolla help slow Population Growth?

Chapter 28: Azolla’s Role in Space

Chapter 29: Funding the Azolla Biosystem

Chapter 30: Azolla: a Catalyst for Change in the 21st Century

Chapter 31: Does it all seem too simple – Nanotechnology

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